Does Set Up Affect Results?

You will have noticed a lack of presence from me over the last few Months. Lots of things going on in my personal life which meant the blog fell well down the list of what was important in my life.

In terms of what I do nothing too much has changed, but the way I do it very much has. Professionally my priority is and always will be my Mentees. The group is going from strength to strength and what we have is pretty special. As things settle down I look back on the last few Months and try to get back into the groove. Hopefully this will mean more activity on my blog and some new material.

The reason I want to write this post is to share with you my experience of how your set up can change your results. I have always had a really good set up. Top spec PC/Mac. Big screens and a fast internet connection with live (not fast) pictures.

I have always run my trading as if it was a business. If I needed a certain tool or software package, then as long as it can pay it’s way I am happy to buy it. I realise when starting out this is not possible. But the last few Months have really reinforced the point to me.

Gone was my comfy chair & desk. No Mac or TV pictures either. My trading was re assigned to a Mac Book and a VPS. Maybe it’s down to my style of trading. I use everything I can to trade a market. I am a firm believer that if you know why a horse is drifting you can add extra confidence to any move in odds. Added confidence = extra stake. I felt I was trading “blind”. I stumbled through, but nowhere near my normal level.  The clumsy keyboard/mouse of the Mac Book added to the situation. Throw in a 1MB internet connection and you have the full picture.

I am back to a proper set up now and the difference is night & day.

Just to really reinforce this point I have spent some time with one of my group who has exactly that set up. We worked on changing this to what I consider to be the minimum needed to have a good chance of success. The transformation was incredible. All the way along they resisted. ‘I can’t see how it will help” was often the resistance I got. “I like my laptop and sitting on the sofa”. “I can’t see how pictures will help” etc. I think the comment was “I feel in so much more control now”

Let me try to explain……

1) Desk & chair – Sitting for several hours on end and having everything to hand means your concentration level can be maintained for longer. Fidgeting about trying to get comfortable saps concentration.

2) Computing hardware – Your set up needs to be able to control whatever software you are running with minimum fuss. If you are running a software package to trade, then you don’t need a mega fast set up. But something like a VPS needs a decent video card and RAM to “draw” the screen. A good resolution (I use 2560 x 1440 resolution on my 27″iMac) This enables the best use of the screen size. If I choose I can get 7 ladders up. I am not saying you need 7 ladders, but it gives added flexibility.

3) Multiple screens – I usually have 2 – Again, gives some flexibility to add more information if I want it.

4) Internet connection – You are in the lap of the Gods here in a postcode lottery. Anything over 6Mg should be OK. But fibre makes the difference.

5) TV Pictures. There are 2 reasons here. 1. You can trade in the optimal window. Quite often the action happens in a market in a short window, this depends on when the last race finishes and the proximity to the “off” of the race. You can be missing the best opportunities if you have no idea when the race will start. 2. The amount of opportunities the pictures throw up is countless. I often say you could make a living just reacting to what you see or hear on TV. I would say this is the most important part of my set up.

Add all this together and it makes a powerful argument.

With the final date this year for induction into my Mentorship program approaching I have taken the decision to add some dates in for 2015. The 1st of these dates is 26th January. If you are interested please drop me an email


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