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Obviously a big part of how I explain different methods. entry points and managing a trade can only be shown on video. The complexity and speed of this is impossible to convey any other way. But the video is only part of the story. The visual experience is all well and good, but putting “the meat on the bones” as they say is more important. I put a huge amount of effort into trying to explain what I am am seeing and why I do what I do. It leaves me open for snide, but the overwhelming majority of comments are positive, that’s why I carry on.

The reason I am writing this post, is that I have had several requests of late for me to sell DVD’s of my trading. The only DVD’s that I make are for the benefit of the guys who attend my Mentorship Program. They contain my course material and some extras to reinforce what they have learned. These are not for sale, they are purely teaching aids. I know I could sell them for probably as much as my course costs. But that really isn’t the point.

But all is not lost!

The reason I do not sell my DVD’s is because you already get them for FREE. The stuff that goes into my Mentorship Program is not “top secret”, there is no extra special stuff that you haven’t seen or heard from me before. Except for a spreadsheet or 2 that helps with a couple of things. So what’s the point of my Mentorship program the, if all my work is available for FREE? Well I post up my videos and write stuff on my blog a couple of times a week. If you are in my program, you get my videos (sometimes 3 or 4 a day) as they happen – downloaded straight into dropbox for download. You can watch a video in many cases while the jockeys are still on the horses backs. You can compare you trade with mine while it’s all fresh in your mind. You can get my advice about entry points – I share these in real time. I can “hold your hand” as you learn. I can share my screen and show you EXACTLY what I mean when I am trying to explain something. I can give you all the help and support you need. No DVD can do this, however good it is or how much it costs. That’s why I don’t sell them. I’m not in this to make a quick buck. If I did I wouldn’t have 200 videos on YouTube – Not teasers – Real stuff. I genuinely get a massive high from helping people. Some I hope to financial freedom. That’s why my mentorship program is cheap. I want it to be accessible to more people. It isn’t a day – it’s ongoing for as long as you need.

Reading this back, it sounds like a sales pitch. Please do not read it as that. I only have a few places left for my date in July, a healthy list of interested people for September. I don’t know if there will be any more after that. So I don’t need to sell anything to you. I just wanted to explain why I don’t sell my DVD’s.

Cheers Steve (MG)


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    • John I am only 100 miles away and on the main line railway. There is a great offer at the venue for Sunday nights which is £15 if you spend £50 in the hotel. So for £65 you can stay in a top hotel and eat and drink until your sick. Plus historic Coventry is the cultural capital of the West Midlands, it’s always sunny and all the girls are stunning. My package is massively under priced (according to the guys who are in my program) What’s not to like?

      My new motto “Never Say Never”. I haven’t ruled it out, it’s still early days for me 🙂

  1. What’s a dvd Steve? Surely you must have your videos available on 4k 3D blu-ray by now!!
    Keep up the great work and ignore those wanting to be spoonfed,

  2. hi steve any thoughts on the world cup i have backed england and belgium at 34 and 22 how do you put stop loss in on betfair site it keeps telling me my lay bet cant be greater than my back bet cheers alan

    • Alan, The Betfair site cannot do this, software ca put a stop loss in. But the software has to be open on that market. So it’s unlikely that unless you have a VPS (remote computer) you would want to leave you computer logged in all the time. The solution is to manage the bet manually. The odds are only likely to change when matches are being played. In any case a stop loss is unlikely to help you at those odds. The drift would be spectacular and instant. The odds would fly past stop losses in that case. Hope this helps buddy – Cheers Steve

  3. hi steve have worked out how to green up manually on betfair site when i have one selection in market having problems when i have two selection in same market can you help cheers alan ps sry for all the questions

    • Hi Alan – Sorry for delay – was running a courses yesterday. Have a look at this mate – just made it for you. Is this what you need?
      Cheers Steve

  4. How’s okay, I write here in Brazil and I’ve been watching your videos and saw that the shape is amazing how you can make a green, so I would ask you some questions if it is possible of course,more than a year,I’m in horses but I confess that it is difficult to have consistency,in the beginning I can do some greens but after a few days I lose everything, so would like a hint to leverage my banking, over six months beginning with $ 20.00 and can not spend of $ 50.00, will the bank is small or I’m not being disciplined, what percentage should I take and succeed? watching your videos sounds easy, but when I go I seem to be on the ladder without knowing what to do, I’ve tried pre-live and live and nothing if you can give me some advice I thank you, I apologize because my English is not very good.
    thank you very much

    • Hi Marcio, It’s great to know that I have readers so far away! It’s very hard to give advice about stake size. The most important thing is you only bet with what you can afford to lose. This is very important. What is important to remember is that you do not get a big green in every race. For me it does not matter how much I win, only that I do not lose. If you concentrate on not losing, it is surprising how quickly the profits add up. I hope this makes sense – Thanks for your comment Marcio- Cheers MG

  5. hi steve hope your course went well would like to go on one but not in right country.thanks for your reply to my last question i cant find a link to the answer what you made for me sry maybe just me i not very good on anything past a spectrum 48k showin my age now lol thanks again for all your help alan

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