End of month review – Racing Trades

Well as we come to the end of February I would like to review the racing trades.

The racing trades are “work in progress” I have been trading in this way for years, but have changed a couple of things to try to accommodate as many followers as I can to enable them to join in.  Hopefully the later time slot will improve this. I want to give you the stats.


47 trades places have produced 28 winning trades for a strike rate of 60% and a profit of £268.93. Out of these 47 runners 40 of them traded below the advised price. If you had 100 on each of the losing trades and thought you would let them go in play to get out you would have been up to your neck in shit. All the losing trades together total £251.58. However 5 of these trades did not go below the initial advised price in play meaning a loss of an EXTRA £248.42. Enough said?

If you had backed all the runners at the available bookies prices with £100, you will have had 10 winners. If you had got BOG (see Jargon) your profit would be £208.

Work to do with these. I’m disappointed with the returns, especially toward the end of the month.


I am much happier with the Lay2backs. I didn’t give many out to start with, as I was trying to work out the staking for the best returns. Out of the 17 selections, 14 turned into profitable trades. Which is an 82% success rate. They generated a profit after commission (5%) of £235.78. Out of the 17 selections 7 actually went on to win 5 were placed and 5 unplaced. If you Laybet every horse to a liability of £100 and let them run you would have won £23.10 – Interesting.

I like the consistency and the profits of a few of them have been excellent. I think these are easier to trade too, and definitely easier to get a decent bet matched.

I realise that you will not have achieved the same results as I did. But that’s one of the aims of the blog. To show you what is achievable and enable you to benchmark yourself against a Pro trader. I am sure that many of you think. “Hey!, he’s not much better than I am”. In some cases you may think that YOU are better than I am! If you can improve your trading 5% a week, imagine how good you will be in 12 months time. Those losing weeks will become less and less, to the point you start making your betting pay. If you put the effort in, you get the rewards.

The blog has come a long way in 2 weeks. I have loads of ideas to take it further. More videos. Showing you how to set up software, how to get the best out of software. How to use spreadsheets to manage your betting. Stop losses. Automated betting. etc etc.

March? Bring it on!

7 thoughts on “End of month review – Racing Trades

  1. Great start! It will be intresting to see the software videos and Im also looking forward to this month especially with the festival, Thanks Mugs.

  2. Fantastic stuff mate! Have enjoyed reading your blog everyday, looking at your tips and soaking up all the info in your guides. I love the way you explain the results after the events take place. Helps someone new like me out a lot.

    Had a little dabble with a couple of your bets with the trial of BetTrader i am using. Very confusing but hoping to learn lots more.

    I’m only betting small, £100 bank, so £10 bets for now.

    Really looking forward to the videos and software setup.

    Keep it up!


    • Chris it’s great to know that you enjoying the blog. hearing comments like this make me more determined to make it the best betting blog available. Cheers

  3. This is a great blog already and only a couple of weeks old.

    Thanks for taking the trouble and being so generous with your time and knowledge.

  4. just found your blog through bet angel must be the most intresting and iimformative blog out there love your trading videos very honest.

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