7 thoughts on “Good start at Cheltenham

  1. Congrats Steve… fantastic result! May I ask whether that total was achieved pre-off or whether it involved some in-play trading too? Just asking as I noticed the front runner, Champagne Fever, went as low as 1.14 before being pipped to the line by Western Warhorse. (For what it’s worth, Western Warhose went as high as 1000/1 in-play… while you were celebrating your £609.43, some poor fool must have been in absolute bits!)

    • It was a couple of hundred pre play, the rest laying in play (not recommended unless you know what your doing ). I just got a bit lucky 🙂

    • Yes, some lucky sod got £38 matched at 1000/1 – but spare a thought for the poor bloke who was trying to nick that “easy ” £38! 😎

      • John, It’s part of the game. Everyone knows the risks – or should do. I hope it was one of those idiots hanging out of trees trying to steal easy money. 🙂

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