Italian GP

F1 is a Sport I trade often. It throws up some great opportunities to make a few quid.

This weekend saw the italian GP. The intense rivalry between team mates Rosberg and Hamilton is intensify after the last GP when Rosberg appeared to deliberately drive into Hamilton.

These are 2 very talented individuals driving the best car on the grid. So the margins are very tight. This trade can be analysed best by saying that Hamilton has a near 63% chance of winning the race purely based on his grid position. There are 53 laps to race. pit stops, tyre changes, overtaking slower cars, mechanical issues and not forgetting these 2 are desperate to stop each other winning. The price is simply ridiculous. This is how I traded it.

There is no sound on this video!!!


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4 thoughts on “Italian GP

  1. Hi Steve,
    I know you are busy these days and not using the blog much, but i was wondering if you had any pointers when it comes to football trading? I have learnt a huge amount from your racing videos and am at the point now where i make small consistent profits (low stakes) but i have had some small success with football too and am looking for any ideas on strategy i can employ. This afternoon i managed 2 nice trades on the ManU v Everton game laying under 2.5 and 3.5 goals as the game looked to be a scoring fest. i locked in £10 profit to only a £20 stake by just after half time. is this the kind of thing you would do also?
    Thanks mate

    • Hi Alan, Pretty much all my strategies revolve around minimising risk with a healthy potential upside. The best indicator to what is happening in a match is your eyes. If you spot something happening then there is every chance that everyone else can see it too. So if we take your example in Man U v Everton. It looked like a goal fest – So the unders will surly stall as a goal is expected. You can take advantage of this with a lay as you did and take a almost free bet while the odds on unders stop falling (or dramatically slow) I have a video showing this on the Betfair promotion. Your on the right tracks for sure Alan. Cheers Steve

      • Thanks Steve,
        Great to hear i’m on the right track.
        Hope the betfair/Gruss promotion thing is going well. I’m using Gruss again myself now and am finding it pretty good as a trading platform.
        Appreciate your time,

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