Masterclass Update

Had an incredible response to my Masterclass. This will now happen. Please continue to register your interest if you are interested. There is absolutely no obligation. It just makes things easier for me to put things together.

I’ll be getting on with booking a venue and more importantly putting together the course content. Later in the week I will have something concrete to announce regarding date and price along with booking information.


Incase you missed my announcement regarding  possible education event (s) SEE HERE

5 thoughts on “Masterclass Update

  1. Fantastic news mate cant wait for it to happen and will be good to meet you and others following your blog : )
    All the best .

  2. Hi
    Ive been a keen follower of your blogs and videos. is this masterclass any way linked to Peter Webb or Betangel merchandise.

    • Hi Dave,
      I have absolutely no affiliation with Bet Angel ( apart from the BA affiliation link on my blog somewhere – btw no one has signed up from that in 12 months) 🙁 or Peter Webb. I use Bet Angel (I also use Gruss for some activities). It’s the software I have had the longest and suits my style of trading the best. I will be using it to show my techniques, but there are other software packages you can use if you want to. I’m pretty sure that PW trades in a completely different style to me. There is more that one way to skin a cat 🙂 What you see in my videos is how I work. The Masterclass will go into the more in depth explanations of what I am doing, what I am looking for and what I expect to happen. I am really keen to stress to everyone (and I will be forcing this point home before I sign anyone up) that I have no “hidden secret” that I will suddenly make appear a out of somewhere. What I do is process what is happening across the whole of the market – highlight entry and exit points and scenarios. I will be drilling this over and over until it makes sense in the simplest terms possible. No jargon, no mumbo jumbo, no dark arts. Just plain talking common sense and methodical.Like I write, like I am in my videos 🙂 – I’ll talk about some other markets you can make money from easily and hopefully show you my pre match football trading stuff and how to make a book. Plus more on my morning racing trading. I aim to make it the course everyone is talking about and everyone wants to get on. If I am going to do it, I am doing it right. My reputation is on the line. I value that highly.

  3. Hi MG, will you record this course and sell it as an video for people who aren´t near to england? It would be a great thing, so think about it. I hope so 😉

    • Hi Marcel – This is a possibility, once I am up and running. I have a good friend who is a film maker / director (He directed the latest Danny Dyer film – Vendetta). I am hoping to get him involved before he goes to Hollywood 🙂 Cheers MG

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