Morning Trades – Still Alive and kicking

I don’t talk too much about my morning trades lately. I have done 100’s of hours work on this over the years to perfect my methods. You can see much of this on my older videos. I stopped recording these as it was taking up way to much of my time. I’ll be covering this in depth on my upcoming mentorship program events.

This was from a very modest stake – Just shows what can be done.

Don Cossack Morning trade

beat that green

18 thoughts on “Morning Trades – Still Alive and kicking

  1. Hi Mugs,

    Are they still the same signals you look for in your morning trades ( volume of money on a horse) or have you added a few more. Hot trainers,jockeys or cold ones on drifting favs? Also do you mind me asking what horse in the 3m chase you morning traded? I looked at that early and obviously missed an opportunity ha.


    • Hey Mark, It the same stuff Mark, pretty much. It was Don Cossack at 7.4. think I got on about 10:45. You can’t catch them all mate 🙂 But you don’t need to. Cheers MG

      • Cheers Mugs,

        Its a great angle for the part timers like myself on busy work weeks it can be handy to try nip a few quid.


    • Martin, what time are you entering the market? I think this is critical. Too early and the market hasn’t formed. Too late and all the action has happened. My window is 10:00 to 10:30 – Also as the racing starts later this effects when the money arrives. Tell me about your experiences and lets see it we can nail it down. Some of the markets are pretty woeful. I tend to stick to the higher volume races at this time of year. Cheers MG

    • Sorry Martin, I have too much other work to do over the next couple of weeks. Besides, everything I do is to lead you to where you can use my help to come up with your own tips. I won’t be providing tips. I’m a crap tipster mate 🙂 MG

  2. i placed my lay bet at 5.5 … satisfied anyway, for the second horse i noticed that Hugh taylor horse was in that race but he announced after my bet … loss of 3 ticks on that horse

    • Really glad you understand the Hugh Taylor angle. it’s a game changer isn’t it? A 3 tick loss is part of the game. But that is well managed and under control. It’s about the longer term and bigger picture. WD Cheers MG

  3. i dont have pictures of the graphs because i was angry :), hugh taylor’s horse was 2nd fav,after he announced became 1st fav, that horse steamed and mine drifted :(, tomorrow with new opportunities 🙂

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