My Latest Trading Set Up

Thought I’d start off by sharing my latest trading set up. I just made a short video with my screen showing all the information I use to trade. As we move forward this is a point of reference to save my explaining over and over why I have what I have on my screen. If you have any questions about the settings please ask – if I cannot explain here I’ll do so in my next video.




3 thoughts on “My Latest Trading Set Up

  1. hi mugs,
    ive just heard you are back, so ive stopped what i was doing and rushed to the computer. i think we have all missed you and your help. i still quite often after a bad day, go on you tube and rewatch several of your videos. i could go on and on, just keep smiling and dont let the idiots grind you down, they are only jealous. you have been a massive help to a lot of us.
    thankyou peter

  2. I totally agree with Peter.

    I’ve lost count of how many forums, courses and videos I have watched to help novices get a start point in horse racing trading, and I have to say your blog and videos are the most helpful by far. I was chasing my tail for months and it was your videos and articles that gave me the lightbulb moments. I have quickly realised that there are not many pro traders who want to give away any secrets, but you give the most by far…

    Many thanks MG

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