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If you are a regular visitor you will see that i am working very hard to keep the blog content rich and give you some reasons to come back. All my tips, advice, strategy etc are all completely free. I have added a couple of affiliate links to help pay for the site up keep. If you click on the banners and buy the service/software I receive a small referral fee. But’s that’s it. You may see a subscription box as some clever marketing ploy so I can start to bombard you with endless junk mail trying to get you to buy stuff.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I want to grow the blog. I want a high volume of traffic and I want you to come back time and again. I have no agenda. There is no catch. I am upfront and honest. I want to do things my way, and I will.

Anyway, I started the subscription box inviting you to subscribe to “The inside track”. I wanted to explain what this is. It will be a way for me to keep you up to date with what is new on the blog. It’s a personal “bridge” from me to you. I can share stuff with you I do not want to become public knowledge. I have been getting some incredible feedback and comments. I want to reward my loyal readers with something extra.

I am not going to be sending stuff out everyday. But when I see a way that you can make a few quid, I’ll let you know. This will be exclusive to my subscribers. It won’t be going up on the blog until way after the email has gone out (if at all). This is what I sent out this morning:



Just wanted to give you the heads up on a price move. Spurs have moved in price from 1.78 at 7:30 this morning into 1.74 in tonights Europa cup match. Good liquidity too.. I was expecting a move but was waiting for confirmation. Well it’s confirmed in spectacular style. 


I am now sure how far it will go but when a home team steams in price the over 2.5 goals market does too. Currently 1.93 – look out for a few ticks steam in this. The Correct Score market will adjust too. The higher scores should steam and the lower ones drift.


This will not be released onto my blog until a bit later. A perk of subscription 🙂 you get it first.

Good luck if you decide to get involved. If you do keep a tight stop loss on this. Team news is critical. If Bale is injured the arse will drop out of Spurs price and will drift forever.

Cheers MG

The Spurs price moved into 1.69 and the overs into 1.89. A total of 9 ticks. Ok so not massive you might say. Make no mistake theses are BIG TICKS at very low risk. 

If you subscribe and then don’t like it, you just cancel – easy

I appreciate your support – MG

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