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I have 2 videos for you in this post that I pulled out from the last couple of weeks trading.

This video is from the 4:25 Leicester on 10th April. It was a pretty volatile market and there was one time during the trade when it looked gruesome. I was just about to take a red when it shot back out again kept going.

I am never afraid to take a loss if things are not going to plan. In this case I was confident to a point that I had it right. But as we all know there has to be a time when your belief impacts on common sense.

This 2nd one needs no explanation, other than to say I didn’t make the best of it in hindsight. Hindsight is a beautiful thing!

As always I welcome your questions and comments


5 thoughts on “New Videos

  1. Hey Steve,

    it’s good to see you back and hitting the 3 figures 🙂 That steam on Excellent George was great I wish all trades just carried on steaming in like that. I think you exceuted the trade well and being cautious on the all weather tracks is wise, but I thought you would’ve been a bit more aggressive from 2.00 to the 1.90 when they both went above the crossover. Although like you say in your videos 2.00 is not the best place to back and you had a decent amount of profit locked in anyway, and you know what you’re doing so i’ll shut up 🙂

    Just wanted to say thanks for the videos I appreciate you sharing them with us. I’ve learnt a lot from them.

    Do you ever trade two runners at the same time? You know the type when you have two short priced horses and the rest are at high prices and the two short ones just mirror eachother. I think it would make a good video.

    Also, do you ever do any in running trades or back to lay front runners? A good one today is Beyond Temptation in the 2:40 at Carlisle It should get a good lead I think the only one that might try to fight for the lead is Quest Magic but thats a big price.

    Good luck with all your trades, and thanks again for sharing the videos and your knowledge.

    • Hi Martin,
      In hindsite I maybe should have been more aggressive, but the prior races at Chelmsford had been very scary. In the heat of battle you just don’t know. So for me caution is the first order at tracks like that.
      I do on occasion trade 2 runners, but it’s rare. It it’s a 2 horse book and 1 is steaming and the other drifting. Why not just have more stake on 1 of them? The deciding factor would be just how big the 3rd horse is. If it’s >20 then it may have an influence. We have a few B2L experts in my group. They do well and on occasion I may join in. But the B2L scene is not for me. I usually have a nice profit locked in before the race and I am looking at the next race.
      Thanks for your comment, I hope I have answered your questions. Cheers Steve

      • Thanks for the reply Steve.

        The situation with the two runners you’re right the best option is to just trade one of them with a bigger stake.

        I do ok on the back to lays most of them are obvious and are easy money. I will only back the genuine front runners which are thoroughly researched first. I’m not mad on them though, you won’t see me hanging out of the trees at the courses 🙂

        I wanted to ask you about streams do you have Racing Uk, At The Races pictures, or do you just use the Betfair Live Video stream? I’m just wondering if there is a delay on the Racing uk paid stream is the Betfair feed the fastest?


  2. Really enjoy your vids Steve,and looking forward to July 28th.Is there any chance you can do another vid with your settings it would be much appreciated (Gruss),I have trouble seeing whats on the screen although I have BS player.If not well not to worry,or do you go through the settings on the course?

    Regards Terry

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