Racing Trades: 14th March – Evening Update

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Cheltenham 3:20: Smad Place – you can get 10/1 with the bookies of you want to Arb: (the fastest way to get your account closed :)) Bedaq 10.5 stop loss at 13 if your betting with Betfair put your money in queue, I have a small amount at the back to see if it’s matched.

Cheltenham 2:40: First Lieutenant  – This is right at the bottom of the range of prices that I want to accept for this type of bet. 9/4 with most bookies for arbing. But Betfair is 3.25. I have my money matched on Betdaq at 3.3. The stop loss for 3.25 is 4.1 if you get matched at 3.3 the stop loss is 4.2.

That’s all I have for now. The markets outside Cheltenham are very thin, most of the Cheltenham races are impossible to read.

Well a quiet day really as we lost a meeting this morning/ At 10:00am when I was looking for trades the meeting at Towcester had hardly any money matched. This made it impossible to find trades.

The first runner was First Lieulenant. Almost immediately it drifted a couple of ticks. The beauty of the Cheltenham races is that everything happens slowly due to the WOM. By live shows it was back in profit and moved in nicely. The problem with horses of this price is you don’t win much unless the move is huge or you have a bigger stake. In hindsight it wasn’t the best thing to do to put this up. I managed to do ok as I had quite a bit on. I put the 3.3 as the recorded price, not the 3.25. If you took 3.25 you are the unluckiest punter around today 🙂 A rubbish £6 for 4 BIG ticks.

Smad Place was more challenging. I thought this was a good ‘un. But come live show it was very obvious it wasn’t going anywhere. It had moved in a couple of ticks, as soon as it went past our original position and seeing the way the fav was being backed I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere so closes a couple of ticks above our entry position. I have said it a couple of times before. If the horse we are backing moves in, then out past our position and the momentum is against us don’t stay in. It eventually went way past the stop loss point. Hoping no one was still in anywhere near that.

So a very small loss today. But we fight on tomorrow. If you need any help with these trades, please ask. I’ll do my very best to help. MG



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    • Thanks you! The live show is when the bookmakers close their individual books and take the prices from the course. These srat about 10 minutes from the start of the race. They are the prices that are shown on TV just before the race. If you want to see these you see them on Teletext or Google Sporting Life Live show. You can usually spot the live show when the favs price may suddenly jump as it aligns with the live on course market (On Betfair) Cheers MG

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