Racing Trades 22nd March

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This is going to be another difficult day, The doubt that Doncaster is in will effect the ,arkets. On top of that I expect lots of Non Runners as the day progresses. wether that is changing ground or travel disruption. These things have to be taken into account.


After looking through the cards, there will be no trades today. My Preview video will explain why.

4 thoughts on “Racing Trades 22nd March

  1. great blog MG

    how did you end up today… im new to all this ,but i want to get in on the action lol, im just building up my 200point bankroll atm been watching lots of videos must say tho your is by far the best blog ive come across
    good luck with all ya trades jason

    • Not too bad on the whole thanks. Take your time, keep the stakes low until you understand what you trying to achieve and you’ll be fine.You have found the right place to learn. I wish you all the best of luck. I’m here to help if you need advice. Cheers MG

      • Thanks mate,ive noticed in some of your videos that you do let races go in play now and again is this somthing you do becuase your selection is a comfirmed front runner and theres ticks to be made or your just taking a calculated risk (gamble) ..
        also in bet angel on the ladder section what do the traffic lights mean?
        and am a newbie n was just wondering about the amber light.
        cheers MG

        • I only let it go in play if I have a pre planned strategy. ie I know it’s going in front, and I am confident of taking a few ticks. This is very risky unless you know exactly what you are doing. I strongly recommend you do not do it.I NEVER let it go in play because I have lost the trade and am trying to re coup my loss. That is the best way to lose all your bank very quickly. It’s a basic beginners error.
          The traffic lights on the ladder show where the last money was matched. I never take any notice tbh. There are other ways, such as watching the amounts and how quickly the raise and fall. I make reference to this sometimes in videos. It’s a good signal. MG

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