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Whenever I carry out an induction one of my sections is about Security. This is something that you should take very seriously indeed.

If you have a Betfair account you should without question enable 2 step authentication. Betfair explain it really well with this video. I strongly recommend this.


What has bought this into focus for me was a very unfortunate incident that happened last week. While in bed we were broken into. The low life thieving bastards took my whole trading set up (laptop/ iMac) plus iPads. Someone getting into your house while your sleeping and walking away with a very heavy iMac isn’t something you expect. As I have always worried about a hard drive corruption I had a Time Machine attached to the iMac. This is basically an external hard drive that backs up everything on the machine several times a day. To recover anything at all, you simply go back into it and choose what you want to restore. The thieving C***s unplugged this and left it. I am grateful for that! This sorry affair has not only left me with a rage and out of pocket. It has given me food for thought about future security and how important my digital life is.

I have put together some extra security measures. Both online and hardware wise to protect me if this ever happens again. I want to share this with you.

I expect we all have many accounts. These may be betting or otherwise. eBay, Amazon, etc and I suspect some of you may use the form fill features available that auto fill these fields in. Big mistake. It’s like giving them the keys to your car.

What about those of you who use 1 password for everything? I am very happy to say I don’t. Maybe have a look at that too?

What about when you go to bed? CarKeys and any small tech items such as Laptops and iPads are very easy to take with you.

Is the downstairs of your house as secure as you would like? Do you have window locks? An alarm that can be part set to go off if any doors or windows are breached.

Have you completely closed all of the downstairs windows?

Make it hard for them. I no have a Kensington iMac lock. A heavy duty cable that secures the iMac to something solid. Mine is around the table frame and radiator. Make no mistake if they want it they will take it. But they will have to make some noise and it will slow them down.

Make sure you have back ups of your important work and photos etc. Use an external hard drive or a Time Machine if you have a Mac. This saved my arse really. My new Mac is back to exactly how it was the day they took the old on. I have not lost any of my favourite er pictures 🙂 Maybe get in the habit of taking the external drive out if you are leaving the PC/Mac and hiding it?

All of this stuff is so easy to do. we all think it cannot happen to us, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t. But better safe than sorry. I am really happy for any suggestions that I have overlooked to be added here.


6 thoughts on “Security & Back Up

  1. Hi steve sorry to hear about your break in hope they catch the low life scum responsible checky b#####ds. No good for man nor beast.

    • Sorry to hear about the thieving scum bags. If you want to have one password use the following software it generates strong passwords for you and you only need to remember one password. It’s free.

      And thanks for all the great trading article you write and post. Hope to attend one of your classes.


  2. Hate things like this mate. Not nice to have that happen to you. I always have my downstairs alarm on when Im in bed as I had someone break in before and try to steal my car from the drive many years ago when I was asleep.

    After reading this I’ve just set up 2 step authentication on my account – cheers Steve all the best.

    • Great idea with the 2 step. It really is a no brainer. Betfair wash their hands of any password breach, so it offers great protection. – Thanks for you comment X

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