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Just wanted to give you some information about my subscription bulletin, “The inside track”. This FREE bulletin goes out when I have something I want to tell you about. It keeps you updated about anything new I am doing on the blog, my thoughts about things I am thinking of doing and any heads up I have about betting opportunities. There have been 6 issues so far, no spam or needless mail for no reason. I have managed to give out some excellent money making opportunities too. I want to share what I said over the past few weeks if that’s ok.

Issue 5 – 30th March

Everton v Stoke.
It looks like Everton may be short. Look out for a drift Currently 1.67

Everton SP 1.73 – 6 ticks profit

Wigan v Norwich.
Wigan look like they will move in from the current 1.97

Wigan SP 1.87 – 10 ticks profit

West Ham v WBA
West Ham at 2.24 May be a big mover.
It looks like Nolan and Cole may be back in contention, while James Morrison who is a key player for West Brom is doubtful with a hamstring injury.

West Ham SP 2.28 – 2 tick loss

As always team news is critical.

Issue 6 -5th April

As we draw to the end of the football season it is important to keep you eye out for meaningless games. All the stats and form goes out of the window if there is nothing to play for.

In terms of market movers I like Arsenal who are away to WBA at 1.98 and Newcastle at home to Fulham at 2.08. Fulham are a different team away from home and if anyone watching them against QPR on Monday wouldn’t fancy them at Newcastle. The downside is Newcastle played on Thursday night in Europe. Punters generally are wary of teams that have travelled during the week. Newcastle are 2.08 and all my indicators are showing that they should shorten

Arsenal SP 1.79 – 19 tick profit

Newcastle SP 1.91 – 13 tick profit

These are not “fluke” results. I have been getting them week after week for years. There is no fee, no catch, no spam. I have nearly 250 subscribers and so far 2 have unsubscribed. 1 of those resubscribed 5 mins after they unsubscribed, so they obviously made a mistake somehow. I reckon that’s pretty good. Sign up, you won’t regret it. MG

4 thoughts on “The Inside Track

  1. Can explain how and where to see the indicators,and give more examples from pre match trading on match odds,and how long before KO you place the bets? 🙂
    Please keep up with your work,its very informative.

    • Hi Martin, I have my bets when I see some confirmation. Very often it’s around the time I send out the “inside track”. Sometimes I wait for a couple more ticks in movement.
      In respect of my indicators, that’s one of the things that stays with me – for the time being anyway. It took me a long time and an incredible amount of work to be able to work this out. It is my bread and butter, so I am sure you will understand that I do not want to make it public knowledge. Let me say though that like all things related to trading. It is heavily based on common sense and understanding the market. There are very few trades I am involved in re: Match odds that I have not sent out in the “inside track”. There are plenty of services around that charge a fortune for results not even close to this. I know for sure if my methods are in the public domain you can almost guarantee that someone else will use them to profit after passing them off as their own. It happens all the time. It’s happened to me before. It won’t be happening again. Sorry fella, I’m sure you understand- MG 🙂

  2. no problem :),i understand this “INSIDE TRACK” like you want to teach us on pre match trading 🙂 my bad,but you will keep posting here after you will be matched right? 🙂

    • I am happy to point you in the right direction. But there are some things I don’t want to make public knowledge. This is one of them 🙂

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