Trades: 23rd Feb

Back2Lay Trades

3:20 Chepstow – Oh Crick 5.6 stop loss at 7.2

4:15 Lingfield – The Holyman 5 – Stop loss 6.2

Lay2back Trades

5:05 Chepstow – Allow Dallow – Lay @ 2.08/2.1 – Stop Loss 1.87/1.88

If you are new to these trades there is a comprehensive guide HERE

3 thoughts on “Trades: 23rd Feb

  1. I’m not sure about Milan price going down.
    As I see it. 2,36 is plenty short for a team in a Derby, especially a very hot one like the Milan derby.
    I’m not questioning Milan’s chances to win, or the (quite opposite) form of the two teams. But in these games the underdog often finds some resources within themselves, and punters know this. I cannot see Milan go much below 2,34

    • Milan were 1.91 year and 2.72 the year before (But Inter were Euro champions then). My signals all say they are going to steam. But I am waiting for confirmation. You may well be right. But punters rarley do the hard work on stats, research etc. The bet on what is freshest in their minds. I know that many were very impressed with Milan on wednesday. We will see….:) It was good to get your perspective, it’s valuable to see others points of view.

      • You were absolutely, undeniably right!
        I hope you got a good day’s worth out of this price.

        I’ll keep following your advice, especially on horses.

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