Trading Education Event Update

I have now sent an invitation to everyone who expressed a interest. many were in comments and it’s been a nightmare to collect them all together – so there is bound to be some errors.

Check your inboxes and see if you have it – might be in junk 🙂

Please let me know BY EMAIL asap – so I can send you an invite before I go live with it tomorrow on the blog.

If I have missed you out I’m very sorry – hurry the places are filling fast!


Cheers MG

3 thoughts on “Trading Education Event Update

    • Thanks Michael – Not sure about webinars – I hate them. But I get lots of requests so I guess you can never say never. It’s just my style may not be as suited to them as others. I want to look into your eyes and see if you understand what I am saying – so I can adjust my explanation so you do understand. I have emailed you the invitation. Hope to see you come along – It will be worth the effort if you can make it. Cheers

  1. Hi MG

    Just a quick one have enjoyed watching your video’s since last year just found out you were back hence my email today.

    I would be very interested in your masterclass too and very much like the idea of a webinar, would be interesting.

    Keep up the good work and welcome back

    All the best


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