What can I do myself to help improve my trading?

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There are some links from the above video (Measurable)
Bandicam – https://www.bandicam.com/
Snagit – https://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.html

Download the spreadsheet – LINK


Links from Video

James Clear

My blog

The link for my Calendly booking app is HERE


Thanks so much for taking the time to watch these videos. I hope that you can take at lease one small way you can improve your trading.

Please remember to visit Sportstradingschool to see what my online workshop can do for you.

7 thoughts on “What can I do myself to help improve my trading?

  1. Reallyy liked the vid’s steve and the hairdo. I was on your workshop and signed up for the mentoring for a couple of years. The record keeping as you said was something i didnt really do . Going to give it a go when the racing starts again. As always thanks a million/..

  2. Hello Steve, thanks for the SMART videos. I have been trading for a long time now, and its easy to forget the things that i should be doing that DO HELP when trying to trade. measuring is one of them – i need to record more about my trades that is the only way that i can truly find out if there is something that i am consistently doing wrong repeatedly. Also, thanks for the “A” video, Attainable/ Achievable. good to letting people know to be “Realistic” or even better NOT BE UN-Realistic. learning to trade is not going to make me rich over night and it is first about execution. making sure I trade correctly, if i do the actions / processes correctly and for the right reasons profits will follow. for me doing it CONSISTENTLY, then eventually the bigger profits will follow. I needed to hear this “SMART” and i will watch it over again in the future. Thanks, all the best, Lexy

  3. Really enjoyed the videos Steve thanks for taking the time to put them on here for us to look at. Will be in touch about attending a workshop once it is possible to put them on again.
    Thanks again

    • Thanks Graeme. If you want to get get started with the online workshop you can pay the difference (£50) – Once we are up and running.
      Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to post – cheers Steve

  4. Thanks for those videos Steve. Kept it nice & simple. One of the things that gets in the way is “noise”. Just need to concentrate on doing one method properly before expanding.

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