Backs To The Wall

I fondly remember watching the film “The Alamo” with my Dad when I was a mere boy. John Wayne as Davy Crockett and Richard Widmark as Jim Bowie. 2 great American heros. Backs to the wall defending a Fort called incidentally “The Alamo”. Overwhelmed by the evil Mexican forces the die defending their Fort. It reminds me of Michael Caine in Zulu. Same sort of thing. Anyway, enough of that bollocks, i doubt many of you are reading this ‘cos you know i am a nostalgic old twat………. But “The Alamo” is the horse I am trading in this video.

Many videos you may watch showing trading making money leave you wondering just WTF happened. The explanation vague if any at all. I always try to explain what I am doing, seems little point else. In this video it’s as simple as it gets. One runners is drifting and the others are all being supported. it really ain’t rocket science you know! Although sometimes it seems as hard as that. When you see something so obvious it seems rude not to have a few quid doesn’t it?

I’m looking forward to Sunday night/Monday as I have a new group of fresh faced young traders attending an induction into my Mentorship program. I only have 2 more inductions this year. If you fancy learning to trade, you can check out my mentorship Program HERE

As always I welcome any questions / comments – Cheers Steve

4 thoughts on “Backs To The Wall

  1. Hi Steve ,there is one fresh faced would be trader looking forward to Sunday/Monday too.I have been looking forward to this date for months,see you Sunday!!

  2. hi steve i just have recently started trading horses and was doing it badly tbh til i somehow jumped on your blog now my results have gotten way better, before i enter in a trade i ask myself whats steve gonna do here, whose gonna stop the favourite haha :p just lately ive realised theres some money to be made from early morning moves so i read somewhere in forums that go to atr sit like an idiot and wait for hugh taylor horse and back it, it will move in huge, but thats not the case out of 7 his horse 4 moved in tick or two before drifting heavily in live shows, is it profitable to lay his horses after the sudden money comes in 1-2 minutes? anything else helps with the early morning trades? racing post forecast and sporting life forecast? and thanks for the blog a lot helpful for noobs trading in dark

    • Thanks for your comments 🙂
      I would avoid the HT horse. Mostly by the time you get there you are too late. They don’t always drift in live shows. You have to trade them as you would any other runner.
      trading from the morning is something I cover extensively in my mentorship program, Both on the induction day and afterwards.When I do morning racing I record it and share with my group. unfortunately this isn’t something I want to share with the world, as I’m sure you understand. I reckon I give away plenty for free 🙂
      Careful with the generalisations with the HT horses. they don’t all drift. Cheers Steve

  3. hi steve yes im very thankful for all this stuff you giving away for free 🙂 ive been watching your 2 years ago videos where you did preview of racing in morning and trying to work out for whose horse may come in. i get on HT horse in 1 minute but in that minute or two it gets backed heavily and im always late so thats annoying haha, i might look to lay it pre off in place market if it looks like drifting back from where it started, also looking forward to meet you next year 🙂

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