Racing Trades – 1st March


3:50 Doncaster: Frank The Slink  7/2 (5/1 in a place) 4.8 stop loss 6

5:10 Newbury: Lady Charisma  5/1 6.2 stop loss 8


2:30 Lingfield LAY Flamborough Breeze @ 1.61 Stop Loss 1.51

4:25 Doncaster LAY Cockney Sparrow @ 3.6 Stop loss 2.86

Don’t chase this – see if we can get matched at 3.6 If it doesn’t hit 3.6 it’s NO BET


Review of Day:

1st up was Flamborough Breeze we Layed very short at 1.61. These are the type of prices that give massive returns if you get it right……..I didn’t. It moved very little either way. I closed at scratch( Jargon)

The second race was at Doncaster and the horse was Frank The Slink. This sailed close to the stop loss, but came in a bit. There was strong opposition to it and I bailed out at the first opportunity. I closed at 5.3 for a small loss.

The 2nd Lay Cockney Sparrow was a trade I advised not to chase above 3.6. This was at the top end of prices I Lay, and in hindsight was too big. As I tuned in to start trading the race my money was still sitting there at 3.6, only £1.18 had been matched, but this was soon  taken and the horse started being backed….and backed……and backed. Once it became very obvious this wasn’t coming back I closed at 3. I think I recorded this so I hope to put it up later. Like the Jump City trade from yesterday I switched sides and traded it down. I managed to make some of the loss back, but still ended in a loss, although substantially less than it was if I had stood and watched it move in even further.

The last trade of a very poor day was Lady Charisma. Backed at 6.2 this was still around that price come the live show. It moved in a few ticks, then back out. When the Hokey Cokey starts I usually bail out. I managed to scratch on this. It then drifted in the face of the strong favourite.

Overall today poor – questioning the wisdom of changing the time I pick the selections – I would really appreciate your feedback about this.

Todays results

Lays -£15.30

Back -£9.41

This is the Cockney Sparrow Trade


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4 thoughts on “Racing Trades – 1st March

  1. Agree with LittleAl. I know that you changed the time you put your trades up to try and help your followers get matched, but I think it’s probably a little too late now and in many cases the market move has already happened. Of course sometimes moves continue, but to my mind the time to be getting involved is between 10 and 11 when trends have started to become clear. If people miss the best prices at this time by a few ticks because of poor liquidity then so be it – that’s not your fault!

  2. I agree with the above, between 10 & 11 is a good time, ignore all the moaners, there’s going to be a few come out of the woodwork because they can’t get on, that’s not your fault. If they can’t be gracious enough to appreciate the work you put in for the benefit of others then quite frankly there not even worth acknowledging.
    Many Thanks to you for taking the time to educate, i’ve learnt so much in the week since I found this blog.

    • Appreciate your replies fellas. Starting Monday I will revert to 10/10.15. It has worked for me over the years. Changing was a mistake.

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