Bit of a Mess!

Hi Guys,

Thought it was time I stuck a video up. I still record lots of video, but have been going though some changes behind the scenes in MG World. My Mentorship program is full and i am working on my new Racing Workshop content. It goes without saying that these videos are at a much higher level than what I can post up on You Tube, Saying that no one can accuse me of not helping aspiring traders by giving them a nudge in the right direction.

I have changed my trading set up too and now am back to using a Windows PC, my recording software has also changed and I have been trying to find ways of getting my video and screen to the highest quality I can. Not quite there yet, but hope it’s ok. I hope to be able to throw out a few more videos again now.

If you fancy attending one of my Racing Workshops, they are fantastic value and of the highest quality. I’ll show you exactly what I do and why I do it. LINK to Racing Workshop

Hope you enjoy – I made a real hash of this!

2 thoughts on “Bit of a Mess!

  1. hi steve glad to see a new video enjoy them even though I hung up my trading boots a while ago . just couldn’t make it pay . wish I could make 90 odd quid ever time I had a bitofa mess lol. cheers mate enjoy your vids and insight into the trading world all the best alan

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