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I posted this last week on a page. But it occurred to me that most people land on the posts page and may not have spotted it 🙂

Excel integration in Gruss is something I have used for many years. The reason is it’s very straightforward and I am not to clever. I am no expert in Excel by any means, and everything I have learned is thanks to YouTube and the generosity of other people.

What I wanted to do is introduce Excel to the guys who would be scared to have a go with it. There is no doubt it’s daunting at first. But you know what? It isn’t that bad once you get into it.

So what I have done is created a “simple” sheet that will enable you to Lay, In Play once a certain price is met. Big Deal! I hear you cry. But it isn’t about the strategy (that may or may not work). It’s about getting you thinking about how you could try out something and showcase what can be done. I don’t want to turn this into a Excel lesson. I am rubbish at it. I’m sure someone will watch this and manage to do the same thing with half the formula’s that I did.  There is a guy on the Gruss Forum who is legendary with helping people with Excel related stuff. I stress again. I am a beginner. I say several times in the videos that I was unsure about sharing this sheet and how I didn’t want to spend hours helping you with Excel equations. But that’s what I do. help people. So give me a try and I’ll do my best. With no promises of success! Will I share my sheet? Well if you watch the videos, there is no reason why you cannot replicate it exactly. The only reason i can see you would ask for the sheet is if you can’t be arsed to try for yourself. I have taken the time to show you, so it’s a learning experience 🙂

So what does the sheet do?

I have set up a series of cells that will show when a certain condition you specify is met. Once all the criteria is met, then a bet is triggered via Excel to Betfair. The criteria can be adjusted easily using a “command” cell. I’ll run though all the formatting, connection to Gruss and the Excel formula required to make the sheet work. I hope that my videos explain the process in simple terms.

Please don’t ask for the sheet – I am not being “funny” or miserable about this. I want to educate and stimulate ideas. These videos are a DIY kit and hopefully opening a door into the murky world of Excel. Hope it’s of use.

Remember to TEST the sheet and ensure you have MINIMUM stakes possible BEFORE you connect the sheet. You can lose a lot of money if you get it wrong. You can test the sheet by DISCONNECTING it and typing in the data required to trigger the sheet. As I did in the videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


10 thoughts on “Gruss & Excel

  1. i steve great web site i would like to know how i can use gruss software and betfair video at the same time as in the video without the video going off when i go to place a bet with gruss many thanks.

    • Hi Abdul, Thanks for your comment. What you need is an app that pins windows onto the screen. On my Mac I use Afloat. On PC Deskpins. This will solve your problem – Cheers Steve

  2. Hi Steve, just a question about connecting to gruss, do you have it connected to a win market? Also it says that you are laying? But seems to me you got 2 triggers so that must be a place market? Is that correct? I was under the impression that gruss required the win market to activate in play. Cheers james.

    • Hi James, Yes it’s connected to the win market. In this example each runner has an individual trigger. When the trigger cirri is met a bet will fire. In the example I show we need at least 2 bets (on different runners.)to get matched to win. The bets are lay bets. Remember only 1 horse can win. So if I get 1 matched I lose the 1.7 x £5 = -3.50. If another gets matched (I cannot lose twice so one of these lay bets will win) I get £5 – commission. say £4.75 – ££3.50 = a profit of £1.25. If another was matched I would add another £4.75 onto my profit.
      The key part is each runner has a separate trigger, so conceivably all the runners could be triggered separately. In a win market you cab back or lay as many runners as you wish at whatever price you choose.
      I hope this helps – Cheers Steve

      • Hi Steve, thanks for that. Excellent videos. Brought back all my excel knowledge that I had locked away. I followed step for step and managed to make a back sheet and the lay that you walked through, which seems to work for now until unpredictables happen. I’m now working on a place market sheet using your vids. Cheers for these vids unparalelled on the web I think.

        • You don’t know how to stop all bets once the sheet had placed a bet do you? Is there a command to accompany some certain criteria?

          My sheet seems to be Betty g on everything due to each horse in a placd market reaching the criteria!! Which is annoying.

          Cheers James

          • You could add something into the triggers using COUNTIF and link it maybe to the Bef ref cell. Something like that. There may even be a simpler way. have you tried the Gruss forum. They are very good with this on there
            Sorry I can’t do this for you James. I don’t. want to spend hours sorting out Excel code. I just have no time. Cheers Steve

  3. Hi,
    Great videos and very comprehensive instructions, thank you so much for posting! Just a quick question, I notice you are running these on a Mac, using a Virtual Windows machine. Did you find it an easy process to install this and run the Gruss software on your Mac? I am not looking for instructions, just a few words of guidance.

    Again, many thanks for all your hard work!

    Best Wishes, Jeff

    • Hi Jeff,
      I am using a parallels desktop. Pretty straightforward to install. You will also need a copy of Windows. In both cases, you don’t have to buy the latest versions of the software. You can get cheaper, out of date versions, like Windows 7 for example. I use version 9 parallels. There are loads of help videos and tutorials around. Hope this helps you Jeff.
      Cheers Steve

      • Hi Steve,
        That is exactly what I wanted to hear, many thanks for the quick response. I will get on it straightaway!

        Rgds, Jeff

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