How A Race Will Be Run Can Shape The Market

2 videos from this afternoon. I was hoping to show you a losing trade – But I keep winning – Bugger! The best trade of the day didn’t record, which I am a bit fed up about. Still have a look at these instead.

The start of a race can shape the later stages of the market. If you are switched on it’s almost impossible not to profit from this. Be very careful if you let your trades go in play. Earlier this week I traded out on a front runner just after the first fence. He fell at the second. It’s a high risk strategy. But the VERY EARLY stages can be ok if you know exactly what you are doing.

These videos are best viewed in 1080p HD


This 2nd video is nothing too exciting. I again entered a trade and quite soon it became apparent I had called it wrong. A swift exit and jumped on the other side to make a tidy profit.


3 thoughts on “How A Race Will Be Run Can Shape The Market

  1. So happy to see you back! Tried for a few years to get into trading without success until i stumbled across your videos and those of a couple of other pro traders. Now things are starting to click into place for me. Been trading at the very low end (£10-£20) but consistently making money on the weekend which i hope to build into a workable roll.
    Keep up the good work as there are so many of us out here who really appreciate it ;o)

  2. Hi MG

    Great news that you are blogging again. Really appreciate the time & effort put in showing us how you trade.
    Many Thanks

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