Monday Afternoon at Wolverhampton – How Exciting!

Monday, or any day at Wolverhampton usual lends itself to some “interesting” trading. Today was no exception. have a look at these 2 races.

The first at 3:00 – The first race of the card was pretty straight forward. There was no pressure on the favourite from any other runner. So it had to move in. These are bread and butter trades that make up a big chunk of profits. The trick is to spot them, and maximise your profit. Didn’t do the 2nd part to well. But I always treat Wolves with maximum respect. The 2nd video will show you why!

This 2nd video is bonkers – I don’t need to say too much. But I think it shows how you can advantage of someone higher up the food chain 🙂

10 thoughts on “Monday Afternoon at Wolverhampton – How Exciting!

  1. Thanks for putting up the vids mugs its always refreshing to see how you approach races and how you analyze what is going on within them and i always see things in your videos that i missed when trading some of those races myself so i am always learning . The second race was a very difficult race to understand what was going on in the market and like you said some would be getting entry and exit points wrong well i had a £30 loss on that race haha it was a frustrating one and as soon as i got in it quickly turned and did that 2 or 3 times before i thought that’s it i am out of this one but hey we learn and we adapt and after watching the video of you trading that race i can see how to avoid getting in the same situation again . Cheers mate always entertaining and educational ,have a good day.

    • Brilliant.! that second video, really highlighted the importance of getting the correct entry point, very educational, keep em coming Steve, thanks. more of the same today hopefully.

      • Thanks Bernie – I’m not going to be posting videos everyday as I did before. They really interrupt my own trading. I spend too long explaining and not enough time making money 🙂 Hope to get 3 o4 decent videos a week though. What I want to achieve from the videos is to actually show you something. It’s not showing off how much I can make. In truth I am much more cautious in videos with my staking. I hope to show a series of videos where I make some horrendous cock ups – They happen everyday 🙂 I don’t know all the answers 🙂 MG

        • Haha that would be good to see you make a cock up, at least it would show you are actually human. I do see your point though, and fully understand your position, in fact I would imagine everyone who watches your video’s including myself are grateful for what you do for no financial reward, and in some cases maybe a loss.
          I would like to ask one question though, which I’m sure most of us would like to know.
          I’ve watched all of your video’s now, past and present, and it appears that you stay with one style of trading, would that be correct, and if so, do you only trade races that are suitable for that particular style. Sorry to keep picking your brains, but you’re the Man..!!

          • I trade races in different ways. At the moment I only show you guys what I don’t want to share at this time. To stay ahead you need an edge. The strategies where I think I have an edge stay with me. For now I am sticking with the basic stuff and see where that goes. Sure you understand 🙂 MG

  2. thanks mugs, i loved that 2nd video, please keep them coming. im going away for the next 3 weeks to see my daughter in aus, who i miss massively. i dont know how many people follow you at the moment, but please be assured, those of us who do, really appreciate what you do. long may it last.
    thankyou peter

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