Racing Trades & Preview Video : 6th April

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I have money in the queues at all these prices. If ALL of my money is not matched the trade goes down as no trade. If it goes significantly lower, I will cancel the trade if the momentum goes against it.

Back Trades

1:45 Aintree: Eduard 9/2: 5.5 stop loss 6.8

Sorry thats it. My preview will explain why

Preview Video:

Evening Review:

Another disappointing day. My internet still intermittent. If you ever have the chance to get BT Infinity AVOID. It is shockingly unreliable.

The trade on Eduard goes down as scratch, although I am sure many of you may have had a couple of ticks out of it. After a brilliant start to the week it ended in disappointment.

Lets fly through the preview video and see what happened. Some highs and lows.

2:15 Aintree: Overturn. I pointed out he would trade in play much shorter. he started at 3.9 and hit 1.14 in play.
2:40 Newcastle: Come Here Yew 8 into 6.8
2:50 Aintree: Holywell “an interesting prospect” 15 into 12
3:05 Chepstow: Mr Hendre 3.9 – 6.2 – ouch
3:25 Aintree: Battle Group – “the strongest horse in the race” 5.2 into 4.7 Won
3:40 Lingfield: Shafaani “A very strong favourite” 2 into 1.61 – Won
5:50 Wolves: Rightcar – “close to putting it up” 5.7 – 5

Shocking liquidity for a saturday, but I think a few good pointers there.


3 thoughts on “Racing Trades & Preview Video : 6th April

  1. Morning MG,
    Just about to watch your preview. I too got on the 13:45 with Eduard at 5.1 but also thought I’d lay Dodging bullets at 4.7 as this seemed to be the reason Eduard was coming in. Watching it like a hawk though as I don’t want to get caught out if it starts to reverse. I have a few trades lined up today from backs laid with BET365 and lays on betfair which are in my favour. Won’t be able to do much live trading due to work (why does something have to spoil my fun) but I’m already much wiser than I was 3 days ago thanks to your blog. If I become a successful trader, then it’ll be down to you. Thanks.
    By the way, do you have a strategy for the national???


    • Kev, Getting involved with 2 trades on the same race is a dangerous game. You are narrowing your possibilities too much. If they were to reverse you would lose on both. A better bet would to put more stake on 1 of them. It can be done successfully, but I don’t do it myself mate. My strategy for the National is let the pin stickers have their fun. I’ll trade the races where I can win more easily 🙂 Cheers MG

  2. Further to the above, just get the feeling that those 2 runners are now levelling off, so i’m out of both trades now with a £1 green screen. That’ll do for me. I’m learning!

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