Racing Video Preview & Review 16th April

My Daily Racing Preview video:

I am having 2 trades
3:50 Southwell No Loose Change – 6.2 stop loss 7.8
5:10 Kempton: Whiskey Bravo: 5.7 stop loss 7



First day for the new look video preview. 2 great trades to start with.
No Loose change went from 5.84 a non runner reduced it’s price from 6.2. into 3.8 and WON! The other back bet was Whisky Bravo. I didn’t get matched on Betfair but it went from 5.7 into 3.5 and WON too.
The Hugh Taylor horse, Hellbender that I warned may drift in the place market went from 2 to 2.38.

I’m happy with those picks. I would love to get your feedback about the preview videos – Negative as well as positive. I want to improve it for you. So it all helps.

Cheers MG


27 thoughts on “Racing Video Preview & Review 16th April

  1. Hi Mugs, a few questions mate sorry if its a bit much πŸ™‚

    Is it the same senario for your swings mate each time, 2vs1 1vs1 and always over the long term trend and steady?
    Do you trade other races different or just pick the right ones for this type of trading?
    Iv’e had a few situation recently where there has been 2vs2, found these tricky, is it best to leave?
    What is the maximum amount of horses you will deal with in a swing trade which are directly involved, 3vs1 or more?
    Some days there aren’t a lot of suitable races so is it a matter of upping stakes for you?

    Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance

    • Hi Adam,
      The difference between the long term and short term (live show) trades are prices primarily. The live shows have substantially more money involved. What I am looking for is an easy life. The last 10 minutes of the market stands alone. It doesn’t matter what has happened previously. What I am looking for is a market what has a favourite trading under 3.7 – 4. If there are multiple horses being backed its a potential lay. If everything else is drifting its a back. This is in it’s most simplistic form. There are so many other things going on it’s almost impossible to detail them all. You need look at the market overall and plot what’s happening, in 10 second windows. If 2 are coming in and 2 are going out. this is too complex. If there is only 1 race to trade in the day that’s how it is. It’s dangerous to ramp up stakes to compensate for this. I put as much in in any race as I am comfortable with. That’s why in some races you will see me trade Β£200 and in others Β£1200. You can’t force the market to do what you want, you just have to see what happens. The bottom line is, the best trades are really obvious. If they are not obvious don’t get involved. The more you watch and practice the more obvious things become. Hope that bit makes sense πŸ™‚ Cheers MG

      • Thanks for the reply mate and yes all makes sense and it’s great the way you make things clear, ever thought of being a teacher πŸ™‚

        One thing I have noticed and only yesterday, there were a couple of races when it got to live shows there weren’t any clear trends, just a few runners going up and down. Only 3 real runners with any chance odds wise. As there was no clear trend that had formed throughout the day I waited until I had a 2vs1 situation a few minutes out, didn’t go to plan and took a small loss. Would you advise leaving races where there is no CLEAR trend that has happened ?

        Thanks again, last question I promise πŸ™‚


        • make no mistake learning this is TOUGH! You’re welcome to ask as many questions as you like. I’ll do my best to help if I can. If there is no clear trend wait until there is, or walk away. Trends can develop late and may only have a small lifetime. Make sure you look for the trigger points – When a horse goes through a resistance level for example.Or maybe a crossover point (2,3,4). Make things simple – like I said – waiting for a clear opportunity tests your patience to the limit. But is it better to trade 1 race and walk away with some profit, or trade 8 – 1 win and 7 losers that put you in the red and a bad mood?

  2. Bad mood is spot on! There has been a few today or am I looking for somthing that isnt there? They seem to go against me as I enter? The last one in the 4.45, Lucette Annie I layed at 2.18 as it was on its way out as soon as I did it came back to 2.08 so I got out then decided to go back out again, so bloody annoying!! Same with laying Coole River in the 4.10 and Mata Hari Blue in the 2.40, your right mate its tough, I think I actually may have got these wrong I dont know

    • Sometimes you have to hold your nerve, that’s easier said than done. A small loss can turn into a disaster. It’s a very fine line between profit and loss sometimes. Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s part of the game. Sometimes things happen you cannot see coming. The best advice I can give is make sure you are constantly scanning the WHOLE of the market to look for moves that may effect the horse you trading. There is always a very small time delay you can sometimes see coming. This isn’t easy, stick at it mate – MG

  3. extr 14:00 Three Old Amigos 8.4 – stop loss – 9.4 —– out @9.4 loss 1.3
    kemp 15:25 coolbeg 7 – stop loss – 8 —– out @6.8 +0.2 πŸ˜€

    testing stakes – 10eu πŸ™‚

  4. my selection was 1:30h before your … thats the problem for my bad selection today,i saw it No losse
    tommorow will be at 11:30 πŸ™‚


    watch other horses how react each other,dont wait to see what going to do your horse,try to assumn what going to happen,thats the way how you will cut your losses in start.I sound like a pro … but I’m newbie too and this helps me alot.Trading 10min pre race …

  5. Hi Martin

    Thanks for that mate, you seem to be doing ok, we’ll done!

    What I’m finding is if I enter a trend it goes against me, maybe I’m waiting to late, im getting in the market with about 4-3 minutes to go

  6. I’m not being funny fellas – But my blog isn’t a forum. If you think Jack’s way of trading is the way to go you should discuss it on his forum. This clogs my blog up and wastes my time – Cheers MG

    • no MG,i just telling that helps me alot,not sayin that you are helpless you helping a lot but its different method … i understand you sorry,delete this 2 posts from me.

      • No need to delete them – just want to keep things in order. My methods are my methods. I do not want to confuse traders who come onto my blog to hear my advise. It’s disrespectful to Jack and his work too. There is no problem, you are very welcome here. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi MG,wow been a long day and just done my last trade for today traded 14 races today for a Β£76.23 profit and i am really learning loads from your videos mate and things i notice i would never think of looking at before :)…..I am really getting to grips with trading and picking things up far more easily than i thought would be possible (maybe beginners luck haha ) :)….The preview was spot on mate and and it was hard work finding horses worth noting , i had loose change at 5.4 and got out at 4 for a nice little profit but i missed the 2nd one so well done with them mate.I have almost completly given up the straight lay bets i was doing on a daily basis and am finding it far more enjoyable to take smaller losses when needed and that has been the most important thing i have learned so far.When i was doing straight lay bets i was doing it to Β£60 liability risk on each lay but now trading them off i can up the stake a little and sit comfortably knowing that i can at most lose 10-15% of the stake with the stop loss instead of losing the whole stake and i am enjoying doing this now on a daily basis and i am just so thankful that by accident i came across your videos they have changed my whole approach to how i try and make a profit πŸ™‚

    • Darren – Your one of my star pupils and a great ad for mugsblog πŸ™‚ Well done mate. Careful you don’t become over confident and complacent. Take each race on it’s own merits. Really chuffed mate WD

  8. Yes mate i know 100% what you mean it is easy to think you have it sussed only to fall flat on your face and i have done that a few times over the years backing horses and playing poker lol not a nice feeling and not 1 i intend on experiencing again in the near future.Trading is difficult and i never realised so much went into it esp when most make it look oh so easy on the youtube vids but it isn’t as easy as it seems and its hard for a newcomer i will tell you that lol but by studying the structure of the race and horses in certain price brackets from 10 mins to the off i am really starting to see how the odds change at specific timeframes like from 10 mins – 5 mins then 5-3 and esp 3mins-off time,the prices react so differently and some are really hard to see why but the majority of the races i have studied you can see the reason and know why the odds are moving in a certain direction and what i have done is record races all day then for an hour or two at night go back through them and look at all the info that is there and it has amazed me at what you can miss and i am now at a certain timeframe starting to see the trading range unfold more easily and spot trends more easily.I will say mate when i started a few days ago after watching your vids i would get in a race 15 to 20 mins before the off but i didn’t have a clue which way the odds would move as the true trading range wasn’t really clear to see and my observations are that the best time is 5 mins to off is when the real range becomes apparent,i also sat there thinkin yes this will keep drifting /shortening and stay in too long resulting in a smaller profit or bigger loss than i actually could have had but recording the races and watching them back over and over again has really taught me a few things :)…There is tons to learn and i am really enjoying the experience so far but i realise it is a long journey ahead .

  9. Love the videos even tho i can’t watch them every day with work but i always make sure i watch them at night so i will be able to find my own trades. Just a quick question what software do you use to make your video’s ? It’s only so i can record myself and see where i go wrong.

    Cheers Alex

  10. Could you give some information on what other sites your looking at while you go through horses, like have you got odds checker for bookie prices. What about sporting life or racing post.

    It would help a lot to know. Could you give us a clue what sort of info your keeping to refer back to.

    Vids are great.

    Thanks so much for your hard work and time


    • Sites wise I check oddschecker to see what price the bookies have up. I want to see if it’s a similar price to what I am interested in. If it was 6 on Betfair and 8/1 on the bookies whey would anyone back on Betfair? So that’s important to check. That’s all the info you need. Cheers MG

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