Racing Video & Preview: Evening Review Added 19th April

My Daily Racing Preview video:

I am having 5 trades:
1:40 Ayr: Red Inca 7/2 4.2(3.95 due to RF)stop loss 5.2  – INTO 3.2
2:00 Newbury: Red Clip 3/1 4.3 stop loss 5.1 INTO 3.2
2:40 Ayr: Mr Moonshine: 7.6 stop loss 9.4 INTO 6.4
5:05 Fontwell: Tarraco 8.2 stop loss 10 STOP LOSS HIT
6:00 Bath Shrimpton 5.8 stop loss 7.2 INTO 4.9

Video Preview:

8 thoughts on “Racing Video & Preview: Evening Review Added 19th April

  1. Hi Mugs

    Really enjoying the longer preview videos. The learning has been out of this world. You have a loyal group of viewers now I think.

    Thanks once again

    • I am going to ask for some feedback about the preview videos. The viewing figures are a little disappointing considering the effort it takes. Still I’ll stick at it and hopefully it will pick up. They don’t free money Nick do they? 🙂 Thanks for your support mate MG

  2. Good day with those trades today well done,i had to close out early on them because of the internet probs but still got a £31.82 profit so good return and unfortunately couldn’t do anything else today but at least still no loss yet since i started doing this,i did fancy that talkin sense but was thinking about the other in the race and kept thinking back to yesterday so i was disciplined and didn’t go with it but it drifted anyway before being pulled out and i made the right decision.Well done with those today mate hope you made a nice profit on those 🙂

    • The key to everything I do is about the “big picture” The long term view. It’s a mind set if you like. Nothing spectacular, just grinding away, taking modest profits here and there, and the odd big one! Before you know it you have a full time income. You just have to be consistent and relentless. It’s not fun, it’s not glamourous, but it I love it! You’re doing great Darren, keep it up fella! MG

  3. Today markets were dead :S, 40-30min pre race and still ~20k matched,was lucky with Regal diamond backed at 7.6 out 4.8 (+29eu) few minutes before bounce back,other horses just scratch :D.Taccaro stops with down trend very early think that he will be banker today … looked very closely on Join the navy in the same race but decided to not back him and i made a mistake,but anyway still learning and happy to be in profit :D.Cant wait to see your next preview video. Regards

  4. well done great results..
    prob is i think .most people who need the help like me are working..and cant get to see the preview me its only last night i got to watch the latest trading videos..and to night when i got home and made dinner i got to watch your preview video for 2 day..i still learned from it,got some pointers,,and will use those when trading with my wee bank on sunday when im mugs i hope your not diss-hartened by views and hits being low during the day,,again thank you,,and congrats on making your self and some of your followers some money 2day..ill see to 2morows preview video around 8pm 2 moro night when i get home from work,,,,

    • I realise that Marc, It doesn’t matter if people watch them a week later. As long as they get something from them. Work is a real pain! 🙂

  5. I’ll second what Marc said, can’t watch them due to work at the moment, but still watch them and learn just as much from them on an evening. I don’t care whether I can get the trades on or not on a morning, the education is the main thing for me. As long as I keep learning and keep the techniques fresh in my head, I know I can go into the markets on my day off or weekends with confidence.

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