Racing Videos Sunday 3/3/13

Only 2 videos from yesterday

This is an in play video – I do this from time to time when nicking a few quid is obvious, It’s a dangerous game though.

This one went against me initally, but ended up with a £25 profit. Good to watch to see key points in market

2 thoughts on “Racing Videos Sunday 3/3/13

  1. Excellent videos. What proportion of races would you expect to trade/reject, and how far in advance do you have an idea that a race may be of interest to you for trading purposes?

    • It’s really hard to say Jeff. I don’t have a long term plan for the day except my early trades. I arrive at the race pretty much after I have finished the previous race, pretty much like everyone else. I find this works ok as I don’t get involved until the money starts to arrive, and it doesn’t arrive until the previous race finishes. Sometimes I am kicking myself and this is something I should be better at no question. Some days I might only trade 3 or 4 races, other days every single one. Cheers Jeff . MG

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