Some Trades are pretty obvious (in hindsight)

Sometimes a trade is just so obvious, although I was faffing about a fair bit before I eventually got involved, in hindsight this was pretty obvious. See if you agree.

The lesson to take from this video is, for a runners price (in any market) to move there has to be other factors that cause this movement in odds. In exchange markets this reason is the movement of other runners. This is the basis of all odds movements and is a fundamental skill in making any money from trading in this style. You have to understand what is going on in the market – The bigger picture is the key. Once you can form the bigger picture you have a chance.


4 thoughts on “Some Trades are pretty obvious (in hindsight)

  1. Excellent Video MG….. thanks

    Great explanations as always, I love hearing your thought process through the trades, very valuable information.

    Over the moon you’re back, cheers


  2. Hi, not sure if anybody else has mentioned it but the video quality since you started back is not as good. They are blurry. I have tried 2 laptops and my Samsung galaxy s 4 but blurry on all.. Are you using a different recorder since you restated? Thanks

    • Hi there. Yes I am recording off my iMac and not my PC. I have just watched them back on YT on fu screen and it’s very crisp. Check you sttings on YouTube,in the bottom of the right hand corner of the screen, 3rd from the left is a little icon that looks like a cog. Change the resolution to 1080p – That should improve things.

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