Todays trades

Been depriving you guys of material this week, so thought I’d see if I could give you anything interesting.

First up is the first race of the afternoon at Ludlow. Apologies for the rambling, but managed to turn a profit with a method that should be easy to replicate. It shows how a race is going to shape influence the last minute of the pre race market.

My 2nd offering is a race I made a real hash off. It was all so easy, but I managed to talk myself out of a what should have been a huge total. I do not get it right every time!

Last up is the most obvious trade known to mankind. I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t make much more. But the volatility of the markets at the moment means I am more cautious than I should be.

Hope you enjoy these

6 thoughts on “Todays trades

  1. Really enjoyed these ones bud. I personally like to hear your thoughts, not only when the trade goes wrong but also when you admit to silly mistakes, yet still move on and just brush it off as experience. I also like the fact that you show a good mix of race types rather than just high liquidity saturday events. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for uploading the vids mugs good viewing as always and each race was very informative for learning to spot certain patterns and how to react in those few minutes before the race and the ramblings mate they are what makes your videos viewable time and time again its just you and you don’t need to apologize for being yourself : )

  3. Thanks for the new stuff, probably the best out there. I like your commentary when your trading and what goes through your brain, when you trading. Hope you keep on doing it. You help so much. Thanks

  4. Thanks for your vids. I can really see a lot of me in your “cock up” video. Thats just how I mostly behave when trading. Unfortunately I did not trade that day but when I trade live and later see you posting up video with same trade I was doing, the experience is invaluable, so keep them coming please and huge thanks for recording and commentary!

    • Hi and welcome! Lucky for me this isn’t the norm for me. But I think it important to show that I make mistakes too. My most popular videos are the ones where I make a mess. Think it gives hope to the masses! 🙂

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